Well its finally time I stop complaining about the way government is operating, and do something about it.

Most of our social interaction is done online these days. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, or whichever website or app you decide to spend your time. Personally I think technology is great; I’m an IT guy after all. Far too often I’ve been guilty of getting wrapped up in to heated political discussions online and the only thing accomplished was my comment count went up. I was, like many of us, and internet tough guy:


I would be asked: “Well what are you doing about it?”. Well I’m proving my points online and attempting to sway others to my viewpoints. We all know how well that works. Today is the day I change that.

Today I run for office, as a Libertarian, for Kansas Senate in district 6; a district currently held by Democrat Pat Pettey. I believe, and hope, that people are open to third parties now more than ever. Libertarians are an amazing group that will allow you to do almost whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t harm another person. We’re huge on individualism, property rights, and self-responsibility. I think once people understand the values and principals of the Libertarian party, they will start to realize that they themselves are Libertarians.

Today I set out on my mission to educate.

-Jason Conley